Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where would you go in time if you could?

The concept of time travel has been written, filmed and produced to death. But I will pose the question again as it has been on my mind for some time...Where would you go in time if you could. Imagine you are a tourist and can travel to anywhere in time. Would you marvel at a young Great Pyramid or perhaps witness one of the great battles? Or maybe even at the beginning of the universe to unravel that pesky creation myth.

However, as a new father of a daughter not quite at her first birthday, I believe I would journey back to my own childhood. I have nothing but happy memories of that age when the world was a gigantic playground and my parents were the ultimate protectors. I would love to see them as accomplished human beings and watch them doing what they did best with older, appreciative eyes.

It's a journey that I can really only make in my mind but when I come back they are still the ultimate protectors and they are still more than mere human beings.

In fact, I think I'll call mum now.

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