Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Your Hatred for Paris Hilton: Explained

Ahhh…earning truckloads of cash for doing little more than getting drunk, shopping and posing for photographs, (usually while pissed): the great Australian dream.

So why are we all so hostile towards Paris Hilton? Possibly the idea of a person being paid to do little, offends us in a class sense. Maybe Paris reminds us of the fat aristocrats of the Victorian Age who enjoyed their splendour at the expense of the ordinary working Joe. You know, the type of yuppies that suck the wealth from the populace while moralising about their work ethic and manners.

But Paris does no such thing. She has never shown the slightest indication that she cares about the manners or work ethic of others and she inherited and continues to make money without the slightest impact on anyone. In fact, she provides entertainment and a talking point for the predominately working class who purchase the magazines in which she regularly features.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William of England and Prince Frederick and Princess Mary of Denmark are quite well liked by the Australian public at present. However, all four frequently moralise to their respective publics on matters of religion, health and family life. These are matters that are, quite frankly, none of their business and worse, they moralise at public expense.

So Paris is living a life without moralising to anyone and she does not take a cent of public monies. Is she a moral person? Who cares! When did anyone give permission to society to mother a person that they know nothing about? Paris has thus far remained out of your business so maybe out of courtesy you should remain out of hers.

At the root of this hatred, I suspect, is jealousy. I don’t think people are jealous of Paris for her physical appearance, (there are far better looking girls in the world), or for her money, (plenty of people have money these days), but for the apparent lack of effort she expends to make her money. The attitude is: I slog all week for a (compared to Paris), tiny amount of money therefore you should too.

Why is it that every person who utters the words: “If I won the lottery I’d never work again…” can’t seem to understand that Paris inherited her lottery, earns money easily and is living her life accordingly. In that sense, while I don’t think anyone needs to applaud Paris, I agree with the shirt that she can often be seen wearing.

“Don’t be jealous”

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